Busting the Top 5 Organic Beauty Myths

Interested in trying organic skincare but worried the products won’t produce results?

Are you curious whether your products are TRULY organic?

What about price?

Fear not! In this article, we’re busting the top 5 myths about organic skincare once and for all.

Myth Number 1: Organic skincare doesn’t work

Not only does organic skincare work, it often works BETTER. Organic products are clean, natural (as in coming from nature), without preservatives and filler and thus more concentrated with antioxidant and nutrients. Products do not need to have chemicals and preservatives in order to work. In fact, you may be doing more long-term damage by putting ingredients on your skin that create dependency on harmful ingredients not found in nature.

Myth Number 2: There has to be a lot of ingredients in your skincare in order for it to work

Quite the contrary. In fact, the less ingredients, the better. A lot of what’s in skincare are fillers and preservatives. These are no-no’s in our book and we stand by the statement, LESS IS MORE when it comes to skincare.

Myth Number 3: Organic skincare is too expensive

This is untrue. Organic skincare is often HALF the price of big name brands that you will find in department stores and most medical spas. Why? Truly organic brands are usually smaller, with less overhead and don’t require the addition of extra, unnecessary ingredients. BONUS: With organic products, a little goes a long way!

Myth Number 4: All organic skincare is created equal

Not so fast. While many products claim to be natural their label this does not mean their ingredients are organic. The process to become organic is rigorous, takes time and is continually monitored. Because your health is serious business.

Myth Number 5: A proper diet should be enough to take care of your skin

Not quite. Diet is extremely important and we do strongly believe that beauty comes from within. However, when it comes to taking the best possible care of your skin, proper cleansing and hydration are essential. Feeding your skin topically with dense nutrients and antioxidants in combination with a healthy diet is your best recipe for beautiful skin.

At Bella Fiore Organics we assure every product is carefully curated to deliver the very best results and is free from parabens, phthalates, phytochemicals and synthetic fragrances.

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