The Mystery Behind the Mist : Interview w/ ISUN's Bunnie Gullick

Recently Dr. Schaffner sat down with Bunnie Gullick, Founder of ISUN Alive & Ageless Skincare, to take a deep dive into just how ISUN came to be where it is today. Bunnie is a truly magnificent woman and is committed to delivering wild, organic, hand-crafted skincare. We are so lucky to be able to share her products with our community of organic beauty advocates.

Listen to a clip from the podcast on Dr. Schaffner’s podcast, Spectrum of Health here:

Listen to the whole podcast here.



Ready to try ISUN?  Start with signature Ormus Myst, our sacred alchemy signature mist made from pristine, energizing, living water that rushes from a natural high altitude spring at its source, deep in a lush forest in the San Juan mountains of Colorado. This mist is light, yet luscious and brings balance and richness to any experience. 

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More About ISUN

ISUN is about honoring all of our connections with the awareness that the Light that exists in us also exists in others and all nature. Understanding our sacred connections, we have sourced organic and wild-crafted ingredients for our products that give back to others and nature and offer something more.
Goji berries gathered by nomads in the Himalayan foothills and reverently blessed with hours of chanting by Tibetan Monks to raise their healing energy; Amazon rainforest botanicals harvested by indigenous people with love and gratitude in sacred ceremony with shamans, and more … With love, intention and gifts of nature, we have created ‘products with a presence’ beyond the usual.
-Bunnie Gullick




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