Kari Gran Mini Kit w/ Rose Hydrating Tonic

Starter Kit

Kari Gran four-part skin care system.

Comprised of a simple, elegant solution that works for any age and skin type. The kit includes an ample two-week supply of Cleansing Oil, Essential Serum, Three Sixty Five SPF 28, and Rose Hydrating Tonic — perfectly sized for travel, the gym or the occasional sleepover.

The Skinny. 

  • Simple & Effective
  • Naturally-derived and organic ingredients 
  • Cruelty Free


Cleanse once a day at night. Simply apply 8-10 pumps of Cleansing Oil into your dry palm and liberally massage onto dry face and neck. Next, wring out a hot (not scalding), damp washcloth and lay over the face and until cool. Rinse and repeat.

Gently wipe face and neck with the washcloth to remove excess oil while providing a light exfoliation. Next, shake tonic before use to redistribute essential oils. Then mist 3-4 pumps of Hydrating Tonic into the palm of your hand and add one to two pumps of Essential Serum, rub together and….voila! A batch of fresh moisturizer has just been made without a preservative in sight. Gently apply to cleansed skin.

After your morning moisturizing ritual, apply at least one pump of Three Sixty Five SPF 28 to face. (Shake well: first few pumps may be clear. Pump until opaque) Apply additional pumps to neck and chest — areas that are often ignored.