LUMVI Protect Rinse-Free Handwash


Purifying. Calming. Hydrating.

Hand sanitizer so lovely you'll never forget to use it! Go beyond simply sanitizing your hands and immerse yourself in flower therapy with this herbal infused, essential oil blend. Complete with aloe vera gel, your hands will remain moisturized while protected.

Containing 65% alcohol, Protect safely cleans your your hands without drying and leaves hands feeling fresh and with a refreshing essence of floral citrus. 60 ML

Directions: Spritz 2-3 pumps on hands and rub together as needed throughout the day.

Ingredients: Herbal infused organic alcohol (organic alcohol, calendula, horsetail, helichrysum and green tea) aloe vera gel, purifed water, glycerin (vegetable). essential oil blend (bergamot, neroli, plumeria).